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She Fell

"She Fell" is a short film that introduces the   character "Butterface".

Starring Patrick Fabian (Better Call Saul) and Ingrid Rogers (Bosch),

"She Fell" tells the story of a battered woman who learns about the unique brand of justice offered by "Butterface".



"Butterface" is a multi-award winning screenplay currently in development.

A team of ghost hunters accidentally awakens the vengeful spirit
of a disfigured and tortured creature known as Butterface.

Butterface, once a beautiful woman, now a demonically possessed monster, exacts her own brand of justice on all those who mistreat women. 

When the cast & crew of a ghost hunting TV show crosses Butterface's path, a fight for survival begins.
​Trina, the show’s leader, uses her military experience to combat the bloodthirsty Butterface,
​but soon realizes that there’s more to Butterface's vendetta than meets the eye.

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